Our consulting services

At Witt Solutions GmbH we offer a wide range of consulting services in collaboration with our trusted partner GRADI Consulting, who is specialized in project management and technical consulting along with troubled projects rescuing.

We process your assignements with a high degree  of interdisciplinary and technically innovative AGILE methods. We pay special attention to testing and quality assurance. We have developed a very high methodological competence as well as special laboratory test environments, which, in addition to the real environment, represent a significant optimization in the entire development process.

  • Your idea
  • Tasks & decision making
  • Function
  • CE-Conformity

We turn your ideas into reality

When designing your project, we proceed systematically and creatively.
Our highly-qualified team is committed to assess your specific needs and
requirements, and deliver the optimal solution with the desired,
tailor-made functionality.

Cross-functional decision making

Nowadays, both small and large projects require a clear organizational
structure and an accurate implementation of diverse functional
expertise. In our interdisciplinary team, we rely on neutral model
languages such as SysML or UML to ensure that even complex, technically-innovative relationships are made clear.

Functional specifications

To provide a clear overview for everyone, we methodically write down our
customers’ desired and required functional specifications.
Subsequently, using our model tools, we create a graphic level for the
system overview and a text level for an in-depth understanding of the


In both industry and railway technology, there are stations and systems which were planned and built long before the introduction of the CE Declaration of Conformity. In the meantime, it has become compulsory for such systems to achieve CE conformity and disclose it by means of a declaration. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of test bench and equipment construction, we are in position to have CE conformity certified by means of our own declaration or by well-known test institutes. Our services include the following:
  • Model-based system analysis and functionality
  • Review of the existing documents
  • Record the actual status of the current hardware
  • Synchronization of documents hardware
  • Testing of the hardware for CE conformity
  • Development of an action plan
  • Offer "Implementation Measures" (Option)
  • Verification of implementation
  • Electrical testing according to e.g. DIN/EN 61010
  • EMC testing if necessary
  • Preparation or organization of the CE declaration of conformity