InfoDay Railway careers at BTC Havelland

To describe these good future prospects not only in general terms,
but to make them visible on site, the first InfoTag on railway professions
at the BTC Havelland on 9 October 2020 from 14 to 18 o’clock in the open air
and thus directly in and on the real railway scene.

Here you could get a good overview of who is currently
is looking for skilled workers and how one can get professionally fit for the many tasks
and challenges in the railway sector.
The core programme of the Info Day was guided tours to selected learning stations.
As usual at BTC Havelland, only short distances had to be covered. Because right at
The learning stations “traction vehicle”, “turnout” and “switch” could be installed on the tracks next to the access road.
and “track pit” will be provided.

Learning station turnout
How a turnout works exactly
and above all how their precise
track position can be determined, the
the InfoTag visitors learned about the
Technical discussion with employees of
Company Witt Solutions. The explanations
were so interesting and exciting
prepared that it will ultimately
even applause.
More about this in the video film.

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