Cable monitoring

Cable infrastructures for direct current grids are becoming increasingly important for the
increasingly important. Every installed cable requires good insulation to avoid
energy losses or electric shocks.
Especially for charging stations of trains, buses, trucks or for the operation of a
of a direct current railroad. For the transmission of the energy the cables are
cables are usually installed in trenches and shafts or in
cable installation shafts. In the process, the cable can be damaged by many variables, such as transportation or installation, causing tiny cracks to form in the
and moisture can penetrate.

Especially with high-power DC, tiny cracks can grow in the
can grow in the insulation, further promoting the damage process.
the damage process.

Therefore it is indispensable that the actual use of the
power cable, monitoring must also take place.
It is not only a matter of recognizing that a cable is damaged,
but ideally also where and at which point or how severe the damage is.
damage is.
Particularly in the case of return conductors for railroad grounding made of copper, there is also
theft of cable systems as a special task.

WITT Solutions GmbH provides different monitoring systems for the various tasks.
different tasks.
From a simple insulation monitoring of the cable to complex
measuring tasks to localize the position of the fault or affect

– Conductor and shield
– Conductor and earth
– Screen and earth
– screen on interruption
– Localization of faults
– cable temperature